My Adventures Photographing Fort Collins Weddings

After growing up out in the countryside of southeastern Wyoming, I moved to Fort Collins because I fell in love with the culture. I can get quite nostalgic about my country roots and I loved being out in nature and photographing the beautiful things around me. But I have to admit, I have loved embracing a new lifestyle full of art, yoga, and soy lattes here in a city with a great young demographic and exciting wedding culture. My adventures here have kept me excited for each new couple I get to meet and each new Fort Collins wedding I get to photograph.

Indoor and Outdoor Weddings

With such a variety of venues and styles in the Fort Collins area, I have learned to adapt to any situation and create photos in a variety of environments. I love natural lighting and outdoor weddings, as well as the beauty of indoor weddings. What keeps my work as a wedding photographer continually interesting is the artistic challenge of finding the perfect lighting, angles, and ideas to create photography that is one-of-a-kind and made for you.

Expressing Your Style

Another amazing thing about photographing Fort Collins weddings is that here in this vibrant city, there are so many great people I get to meet. Meeting for coffee to discuss the timeline of your wedding day or locations for engagement portrait photo sessions is something I always enjoy. It's a great chance for us to get to know each other so that I can create photography that is authentically tailored to express your personality and tell your love story.

Each Unforgettable Moment

One of the reasons I focus on knowing the timeline for your wedding day is so that I can be there for every important moment, preserving the memories you will want to treasure for a lifetime. "You may now kiss the bride", a candid shot of your grandparents dancing at the reception, the cute smile of a flower girl, and a photo of the new couple snuggling during a quiet moment after the wedding are things I love to capture. I feel that photography should be comprehensive, but also detailed, focusing on the things that are important to you.