Finding the Right Fort Collins Wedding Photography

Finding the right person to create your Fort Collins wedding photography is an important decision. You have put so much time and care into planning a wedding that celebrates the love story that has brought you to this point in your life. You deserve photography that captures every wonderful moment of your wedding day and expresses the romance in each memory. But just as important as the artistic style of your wedding photographer is the way they work with clients.

Getting To Know Each Other

One of the best ways to find out if we are a good fit for each other is to meet up and discuss your expectations for your Fort Collins wedding photography. I love being able to meet my clients in advance and talk because getting to know so many amazing people is one of the things about being a photographer that I enjoy most.

Going Over the Details

One of the ways I help ensure that everything goes smoothly and without mishap during your wedding day is going over a detailed timeline of the day ahead of time with you. That way we can discuss the best places for me to be so I can capture every important moment of your incredible day and create the exact photography that you are dreaming of. Every aspect of a wedding day is beautiful and my goal is to preserve each memory in photography so that throughout the years you can open your photo albums and relive them.

Ideals I Live By

As we are working together to plan the perfect wedding photography, there are several promises I want to make to you. The first is photography, like my family, my home, and a terrific soy latte, is something that brings me joy and because of that I dedicate a hundred and ten percent to each client I meet. The second is that I take pride in creating high quality photography that expresses your individual personalities and love story.

And finally, an ideal I have always lived by is that no matter how seriously I take my work, it should always be absolutely, delightfully fun. On photo shoots, during your wedding and reception, and whenever you are working with me, I want you to feel at home and free to be yourself, laugh, and have a great time.