Why I Love Life As a Fort Collins Wedding Photographer

From my childhood in the countryside of southeastern Wyoming to the dynamic life in Fort Collins I have built for myself, two things have stayed the same: my fascination with photography and my excitement to get to know new people. If you had asked me at thirteen what I wanted to do with my life, you would have gotten the same answer I'd give you now: photography. This love for creating art and forming friendships has several impacts on the way I operate as a Fort Collins wedding photographer.

Photo Session Fun

One of the ways my passion for photography affects our experience of working together is that you can always count on me to be focused on the project and devoting an unending amount of enthusiasm and effort into creating the perfect photography for you. I believe that photo sessions should be a laugh-out-loud fun experience for everyone involved and I make sure you feel relaxed and free to be yourself. Instead of a stranger pointing a camera at you, I'm there with you as a friend, capturing these wonderful moments you will not want to forget.

Wedding Day Memories

Providing photography that captures every important aspect of your wedding is important. After all, once the guests have gone home, the decorations have been taken down, and the gifts have been unwrapped, what you will have to remember your incredible day with is your wedding photography. But as well as comprehensively photographing your wedding day, I also focus on details, little things that made your wedding exquisite and unique. One of my favorite things is to find a quiet moment where I can snap a few photos of the newly married couple snuggling so I can capture that excitement and awe they feel at the realization that they are finally married and this new chapter of their love story has begun. I feel that moments like that are unforgettable and incredibly important.

Building Relationships

Planning a wedding is a huge endeavor and getting to be a part of the amazing experience can be the start of a friendship. As much as I enjoy the thrill of each new chance to create art, one of the best parts about being a Fort Collins wedding photographer will always be the chance to meet and get to know you.