Your Fort Collins Portrait Photographer For Family, Engagement, & Wedding Photos

Ever since I first started wandering around with a camera as a kid, fascinated with this amazing ability to capture the interesting things around me, I have discovered that the most dynamic thing I can photograph is you. That is why I have built a career around wedding and portrait photography. From romantic engagement photos to fun family portraits, I love getting to meet new people and create the perfect photography for them.

Working Together

Communicating well with clients and planning our photo session together is something I believe in because it helps us all be on the same page. Give me a call and let's talk or get a cup of coffee sometime. One of the most wonderful aspects of my job is the opportunity to build friendships with my clients and I am excited to meet you and get to know your unique style and personality so that I can create authentic photography that conveys it.

Locations & Props That Are Special To You

The things we will need to discuss before our photo shoot, whether it is engagement portraits or family portraits, is the location and any props you would like to incorporate. As a Fort Collins portrait photographer, I've explored many wonderful locations for photo shoots in the Fort Collins and Denver area. And if you would like any suggestions I can offer a variety of ideas.

However, one of the key elements of meaningful portrait photography is choosing a place for the photo session that is special to you, somewhere that find beautiful or somewhere you feel happy and comfortable. Props are very similar. They should be details that illustrate your personality, interests, or memories. Props are a fun element to include in photography with kids especially because they give them something to play with and focus on, which helps reduce the pressure of having a camera pointed at them.

Photo Shoots Where Everyone's Having Fun

Not everyone feels at home in the spotlight. That's why I work hard to make our photo sessions a stress-free, relaxed environment for kids and adults alike. Kick back, laugh out loud, have fun, and make some great memories. That way the smiles I capture in your portrait photography will be natural and full of genuine emotion.