Cassie Madden - Fort Collins's Family Portrait Photographer

Though every aspect of photography is fascinating to me, what led me to family and wedding photography and a career as a Fort Collins family portrait photographer is my wholehearted love for family. The best part of my work is the opportunity it gives me to meet so many amazing people and build friendships with my clients.

Creating High Quality Portraits You Will Treasure

What makes being a Fort Collins family portrait photographer such an exciting artistic challenge is the fact that every family is one-of-a-kind. You have unique backgrounds, memories, relationships, and personalities, and my goal is to express it in the photography I create for you. Instead of generic portraits with angles and poses that I use for each client, I work hard to come up with new ideas that are creatively tailored to fit your style and expectations. I want to create family portraits that you will cherish in photo albums and frame and hang up on a wall in your home.

Making Memories Together During Photo Shoots

Sometimes it's hard to feel relaxed and to have fun when you know there is a camera pointed at you. One of the reasons I make sure to talk and get to know each of you before we start taking photos is so that you don't have to feel like there is a stranger behind the camera, but rather someone that you are comfortable with. Years of experience have taught me how to make photo shoots not only a good experience for everyone, but a downright fun one. Gathering everyone together for a family portrait can be a great chance to make some wonderful memories together and have a blast.

Keeping My Promises To You

I enjoy the artistic and social aspect of photography so much, but the business part of being a Denver area family portrait photographer is important to me as well. I make several promises to each of my clients that I take pride in following through on. The first is to create high quality images that you can treasure. The second is to get your photography back to you within two weeks of our photo shoot. And the third is to go the extra mile to make sure the experience of working together has been a wonderful one for everyone involved.