Fort Collins Bridal Portraits With Emotion and Personality

You will be told a hundred times on your wedding day that you look perfectly beautiful and it will be so true. It's not just the lovely dress you chose or the style of your hair, it is the excitement and the love you feel that lights you up in a way that makes all of us smile. One of the reasons I feel so lucky to be wedding photographer and have the chance to create your Fort Collins bridal portraits is because I get to capture all that joy and anticipation in photos.

Tailor Made To Fit Your Style

Just as you chose a wedding dress that is specifically made to fit your style and personality, I work hard to create bridal portraits that are tailor made for you as well. There are some things about my photographic style that remain constant. I love natural light, detailed shots, and photos with personality and genuine smiles. But instead of using the same poses and ideas for each client, I make sure I am focusing on expressing your style not just mine.

One Less Thing To Worry About

Wedding days are wonderful, exciting experiences for everyone, but we all know how much work they are to plan and pull off too. As happy of a bride as you may be, you might be a little stressed as well, with so many details to see to and so many things on your mind. The last thing I want is to add to that. By going over a timeline for your wedding day in advance and taking time to get to know you and your expectations for your wedding photography, I can be prepared for anything and you can rely on me to be creating the perfect bridal portraits and wedding photos.

Remembering Your Day As a Beautiful Bride

Your wedding is your day to celebrate the love story that has brought you to this point in your life. It's your time to enjoy being loved and being in love, and throughout the years of your marriage, it's encouraging and exciting to be able to look back through photos and relive that experience. That is why I am dedicated to creating Fort Collins bridal portraits and wedding photography that expresses the emotion of that day and captures the memories you made.