Cassie Madden - Modern Denver Wedding Photographer

If you are looking for a Denver wedding photographer with endless enthusiasm for meeting new people and creating new photography, you have come to the right person.

Let's Get To Know Each Other

The best way I have found to introduce myself sounds remarkably like a drink order. "Yes, I'd like a modern photographer with a twist of nostalgia." In all seriousness, I believe in celebrating my country roots and appreciating my childhood in southeastern Wyoming while simultaneously embracing my new, vividly differently life as a Fort Collins and Denver wedding photographer. Both the contemporary and the sentimental themes are important to me and you might see glimpses of them both in my artistic style.

Focusing On You

However, when it comes to creating great wedding photography, I think that it becomes far more about your style than mine. There are things that remain the same in my photography: a commitment to high quality, a love of natural light, and a photojournalistic focus on emotion and memories. But ultimately, every engagement portrait and wedding photo I take is created with the purpose of expressing your personality and your unique love story. I work hard to make sure the photography I provide for you is meaningful, beautiful, and deeply personal.

Photo Shoot Fun

I may take my work as a Denver wedding photographer very seriously, but I also believe in having laugh-out-loud fun during photo shoots. I love talking to you and getting to know your personality so that I can capture it beautifully in the photos I take. The easygoing atmosphere relaxed conversation and a few silly jokes creates is where the best photos are taken. If you feel comfortable and at home, you will be free to express yourself and have fun, especially on engagement photo shoots where the goal is to make wonderful memories with your fiancee as much as it is to create the great portraits.

To see some of the Fort Collins and Denver wedding photography I have created over the years, feel free to browse through my portfolio and to give me a call or an email. Meeting so many incredible people is one of the reasons life as a wedding and portrait photographer is my dream. I can't wait to get to know you and start creating the perfect photos for you.