Oct 20, 2015

Shali & Jordan

Downtown Urban Engagement Session

It started as what Shali calls a 'kindergartener crush', with shamless flirting and teasing as they sat together in their high school science class. While their friendship manifested and grew, a tiny spark ignited between the two on the second floor of Torrington High School. 

In time, Jordan made it obvious in his pursuit that Shali was not the only one to develop more than friendship feelings for his lab partner. After several turn down's and no's over the course the next several hundred days, Shali was finally prompted to give her tireless suitor a chance; nearly a year later. 

From the beginning of their relationship, the two became inseparable. Shali, then a freshman in college, remained the ever-supportive girlfriend and Jordan's number-one fan as his high school football team charged the field. Jordan, growing an even stronger connection to the girl he so valiantly pursued as they discovered their mutual love of the same bands, making concert attendance a trivial part of their new lives together. 

Four years later, they found themselves on the idyllic beaches of Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. At a dinner attended by family and friends and enveloped by the sounds of ocean waves and celebration, Jordan delivered a dessert so delicately inscribed in chocolatate posed a question to the girl of his dreams. To which of course, Shali ecstatically accepted the ring atop the dessert plate from the unexpected, yet undeniable, man of her very own dreams.

Cheers to science, chemistry, and initial sparks,