Jun 28, 2015


Wyoming Bridal Session

It isn't often that a photographer is privleged with the chance to photograph a former Miss as a bride. Even less frequent an occasion, my former-miss-bride being my gorgeous cousin, Lexie. 

After recounting the true-life fairy tale that is Lexie and Chris through their engagement session (click on the link, you won't regret it!), it was obvious that Lexie's bridal session could be nothing less than magical. Thus, brainstorming amongst the Madden clan began. 




We're easily distracted. Obviously. 

Alas! Inspiration struck. With the knowledge that Lexie's gown would be hand crafted by the same master that designed her Miss America evening gown, the silhouette painting a beautiful homage to the latter, the obvious choice had finally come forth. Lexie learned to play the piano on a stunning antique piece in her very own living room, even composing her MA on-stage talent piece at the very place it still sits. 

The piano accompanied by an exquisitely bridal Lexie brought tears and gasps of joy to the loveliness that befell the eyes of Lexie's Mother, sisters, and inevitably myself. We're all lucky the photos aren't blurry and tear stained. 

The gown: a long sleeved vintage lace heart throb complete with pearl detail, plunging neck line and open back harmoniously complimented the dark stained wood grain of the antique piano. Expertly paired by Gaspar with a cathedral veil, there were simply no words. 

Because Lexie is nothing short of a ray of sunshine in her own right, the thought to move the session outdoors in the summer light was completely evident. Just keep scrolling. You'll see what I mean.  #justkeepscrolling #justkeepscrolling

Lexie's incredible lace gown was made by the brilliantly talented Gaspar Cruz of Crown Couture. 

Congratulations, Dearest Lexie and Chris! There is no couple more perfectly matched or more deserving of the happiness headed your way. May your love move mountains and your marriage be far more beautiful than anything you've ever dreamed. :) Oh, Chris? Just for today. Go Eagles!

Love you both TOO much. 

Cheers to Chris, Lexie, and the many years of happiness headed their way,