Mar 7, 2017

Beautiful Wedding Invitations

Basic Invite Partnership

As a wedding photographer, I am constantly affirming the fact that my job is far more than being a photographer. To my business, this means I'm an accountant, a blogger, a social media expert, and so much more. To my clients, I'm often the second hair stylist (well equipped with bobby-pins), the day-of-planner (timelines are a must!) and the referral-queen (can this be a real title? crown please). I take great pride in giving my clients the best customer service I can offer and ensuring that their wedding will be exactly as they always imagined. Because we photographers can't do it all - even if we try - it's important we find other wedding vendors whom we evangelically refer. For the stationery side of the business, I have never offered anyone other than my favorite Basic Invite

I was approached by the lovelies at Basic Invite two years ago with the proposal of a partnership; a partnership through which would reward my clients with percentages off simply for being my clients, in exchange for showing the world exactly how special this company could be. I've been blessed to watch this outstanding company grow into the best customer service possible with luxury stationery products and nearly every option you could possibly imagine.

Along with their incredible assortment of designs, Basic Invite allows you to find the perfect style and then customize every color element exactly how you envisioned with their nearly unlimited color palette. With over 180 hues to choose from there is no doubt that your exact wedding colors will be available and match to a T. Not to mention, they also offer the timeless real gold or silver foil pressed invitations to add the extra element.

Once you find a design and color palette to suit your wedding style, you are then able to order a printed sample straight to your door so you can see and feel the final product well before you place your final order. How amazing would it be to make sure your dinner menu will match the linens before you order 200 place settings? 

Each of the beautiful designer wedding invitations at Basic Invite come with the availability of a suite; meaning that once you find that perfect style and color, you'll have everything from the save the date to the formal wedding invitation and enclosure card, to the wedding menu and matching thank you's! All with the elegance you originally chose at your fingertips. Who said wedding planning had to be hard? :) 

Another important element in choosing wedding invitations is the envelope enclosure. With over 40 colors of envelopes to choose from, your wedding colors will be sure to stand out in that stack of mail and create an impression well before the invitation is opened. Bold envelope colors with metallic ink are all the wedding rage and are completely instagram worthy! Snail mail for the win!

In case your hand is already cramping with the thought of addressing several hundred envelopes (save the date's, invitations, thank you's, etc - think you have your neighbor's address memorized yet?) Basic Invite is incredible with this offer - FREE address collection service AND envelope printing! Send a link to your guests and Basic invite collects and saves the addresses to be used to print them straight to the envelopes. Easy. Peasy.

Aside from their wedding stationery, Basic Invite also offers hundreds of different save the date ideas along with beautiful affordable bridal shower invitations for every single walk of your wedding marathon! For extra fun stationery, don't miss out on these fun downloadable printables their site offers. 

To check out the bulk of their amazing inventory, check out their website here or follow along on their great social media sites!





It's no secret that I'm obsessed with this company. I'm so proud to see how they've grown to offer nothing but the best in all wedding and personalized stationary, and I'm honored to be able to offer their incredible services to my clients. They truly are the top of the invite game! You go, Glen Coco. 

Cheers to finding the perfect fit, 

Photos courtesy of Basic Invite.