May 25, 2017

Molly & Shane

Loveland, Colorado

How did you two meet?

Shane: We met at church, but I was too shy to talk to her for the longest time. 

Molly: We met at a college group at our church one evening, I thought he was really cute but we only briefly talked and I thought he was super quiet. I was actually even going to try to set him up with my good friend! 

Who initiated the first date?

S: We both initiated the first date when we were talking about how we wanted to ride our horses together. But I think I did because of everything I had to do to get up to Granby.

M: I remember it a little differently :) I remember going to a rodeo and saying something along the lines of, "I wish you could come with me!" or something, and then we started talking about how we should ride together. But Shane did decide the day and exactly what we would do. I was SO impressed that a guy would drive 2.5 hours, up a mountain, with a horse trailer, just to go on a date with me. But to Shane, it was no big deal and he was a total gentleman about it. 

Tell me about your first date.

S: For the first date, we went on a trail ride up in the mountains. It was a day that changed my life forever. 

M: Shane met me at the ranch where my horse was and picked me and my horse up. Then we drove out about 30 minutes to a random trail I had googled. We then went and just rode out, followed cattle trails through these beautiful pastures. We stopped in a little clearing and I had packed a few snacks. We sat there and talked for awhile and relaxed. Then we dropped my horse off and we went to MAericks, which we went to at least 10 more times while I lived there. 

What would you say was the *moment* you knew there was something there?

S: I had a feeling there was something there on our first date. And decently knew on our third date in Grand Lake when we were dancing in the parking lot by the lake. 

M: I definitely knew there was something there when we started talking on the phone before our first date (I lived 2.5 hours away). We would seriously talk about everything, but I was still nervous until we had our first date. Then I knew for sure! 

What was another big moment in your relationship?

S: The day we told each other I love you was a big one. And I would have to say for me, the day I picked Molly up from the airport when she was in Texas and California for a few weeks because I missed her so much. 

M: Definitely the day we said I love you! Funny story though, I was getting out of my truck and Shane opened the door and kissed me and without thinking, I said, "I love....being with you." But it was so obvious I was about to say I love you. He just smiled and said, "huh, what were you saying?" and I was so embarrassed, I said I needed to use the restroom and ran inside. A little while later he hugged me in the kitchen and said, "Molly, it's okay if you do because, I do, too." Then when I was leaving that evening he stopped me and told me he was in love with my heart. It was so sweet. Another big moment was meeting his family, and him coming to California with me for Christmas. He's the only guy I've ever brought home for Christmas!

How did Shane propose?

S: I proposed to Molly on a hike with one of her best friends and involved God and the Bible in it, too.

M: I knew he was going to soon but was getting REALLY impatient because I am such a planner and I was so busy I thought there wouldn't even be a chance for him to propose. That Saturday, I went bridesmaid dress shopping for one of my best friends wedding and was supposed to be shooting a friend's senior pictures later. After we went to the first store we went back to her apartment where Shane and her fiance were hanging out. They suggested we take the dogs on a walk and so we went to this open space outside Fort Collins. I honestly had NO clue it was happening until I turned around and Shane had pulled out his Bible with the ring tied on the bookmark and Ephesians 5:25 highlighted. I was so incredibly surprised, which is hard to do, and that's what made it so awesome! Our friend had a camera as well as champagne and it was perfect. I was so concerned I was going to be late for my photoshoot but Shane had coordinated with her, just to trick me, and had actually planned a BBQ with friends and family. We went back to his house and got to celebrate and eat a dang good Reeses ice cream cake! Shane totally out planned the planner and used my plans to surprise me. I'll never forget it!


M: About two weeks before Shane and I began talking in August, I read the book of Ruth and prayed for my future husband. I also wrote down a list of what I desired in my man, and so when I met Shane it was crazy how my prayers were answered. From loving horses to fitness, to our love for God, there's no way we could be a better match. Our personalities and strengths may differ, but we compliment each other so well. We both feel very blessed by God to have each other, and our relationship is such a testimony to God's goodness. Neither of us expected this, at this time, but we are exactly what we prayed for!


I had the most amazing time with these two on a beautiful May night in Loveland! Their love for each other is so evident - and could they seriously be any cuter together? Plus, Molly and I had ALL the things to talk about with us both being camera savvy. It's always such an honor to photograph for another photographer. I cannot wait for their beautiful wedding this October at the most perfect Wyoming Hereford Ranch in Cheyenne! Congratulations, Molly & Shane! Enjoy. 

Cheers to the cutest and sweetest,