May 20, 2017

Samantha & Clayton

Fort Worth, TX

The versions of how they met are different. Samantha remembers her first encounter with Clayton as a surprise invite - or maybe no invitation at all. That Clayton had arrived at Samantha's TCU dorm room with two other friends to watch Anchorman unnanounced, and he didn't talk much. She remembers him laughing alot - and very loudly - the entire time, but very few words. 

But Clayton remembers their first meeting very differently. He recalls one of his friends bringing Samantha by to the TCU information desk to say hello; a hello he would never forget. Nearly seven and a half years later, the first "hello" is still up in the air. 

After several sightings of each other at local TCU get togethers, Clayton initiated their first one-on-one hang-out, as many college students do. At the last minute, Samantha invited a few friends over to join in the fun. Clayton arrived a few beverages later, and still brags to this day that he managed to beat Sam in Mario Kart and Cranium with less than his top self. She agrees. 

It clearly was his board game skills that convinced Samantha she should give this guy a second look. While Clayton was working in the BLUU TCU Student Union, Samantha met him there to keep him company and pass the long hours of student monitoring a bit quicker. It was here that Clayton truly charmed Samantha with his ambtion and sense of adventure; his future plans to hike through the Australian Outback and his current Everest read. Several hours later, Sam knew there was something here. 

The two greatly enjoyed walks together to their favorite park near TCU, where they would walk Clayton's dog Whiskey to play frisbee every chance they could. One winter, when there was actually Texan snow on the ground, Samantha got her legs tangled in Whiskey's leash and fell flat on her face in the snow. Though terribly embarrassing for her, Clayton admits that this clumsy event was when he genuinely started falling for Sam; who confusedly laughs and shrugs and thinks: at least he likes clumsy girls. 

They were apart from eachother for much of their first three years. Only a few months after they began dating, Clayton studied abroad in the Australian Outback for four months (with only one letter exchange available), and Samantha heading to study abroad in Florence just half a year after his return. Shortly after they graduated, Clayton headed for work in New Orleans and Samantha remained in Texas, creating their third long distance endeavor. 

After years of travel and distance, Samantha & Clayton returned to their favorite TCU park in the drizzling rain, where Clayton would ask Samantha to be his. With no hesitation, she said yes. 


Samantha, Clayton and I met in the Fairmount Historic District of Fort Worth, just minutes from their Alma Mater TCU, for their engagement session. October in Fort Worth does not get any better - nor does Magnolia street. It's the best neighborhood there is - and these are two of the best people for it. Before we headed to Magnolia, we met at their adorable home near campus to grab a few family photos with their dogs Moonshine and Rain - who are the most perfectly photogenic dogs you could met. Here are a few of my favorites from their session! 

Sam & Clayton officially marry TODAY at Artspace111 in Fort Worth and will officially become the Torrance's after nearly 8 years together! Congratulations, Samantha & Clayton! I can't wait to see you SOON!

Cheers to the Torrance's, and all the love and travel you have headed your way -