May 16, 2017

Jessie + Alex

Fort Worth, TX

Believe it or not, it was the fate that caused Alex to break his wrist. While playing Power Ball, no less. I mean, it had to be. Right? How else could he have been referred to the very same occupational therapy clinic for his rehabilitation of Denton where his future wife would be?

Alex was soon assigned to "Beth the Therapist", as he so lovingly refers to her. And to Beth, we owe the story; because it was Beth the Therapist who had the light bulb blink over her head when she realized that she had the perfect match for Alex. As she had mentioned Jessie once or twice (and by once or twice I mean maybe a couple of hundred times) in conversation during their sessions, Alex was welcome to the idea of meeting the beautiful physical therapist whom Beth championed so often. 

This setup was in no way one-sided. Beth the Therapist continued to wave her magic set-up wand and tried to encourage Jessie to check out the so-cute-exotic-Cuban patient she had been treating, amongst many other descriptors Beth the Therapist used at her disposal. Jessie said no, time and time again until Beth the Therapist pointed him out. To which Jessie replied, "Okay fiiiiine". 

Now with Jessie's approval, word spread like wildfire through the clinic that the meetup would soon be happening. Her co-workers were less than innocent with jokes and gestures when Alex had his appointments; even making sure that Jessie knew exactly when and where he was doing push-ups. 

During his last session, Beth brought a hesitant Jessie, the other therapist, to meet this handsome-Cuban-talker. Alex remembers that Jessie appeared to be uncomfortable and sunburned, so he continued to talk the way through a very awkward exchange. Little did he know that Jessie was not sunburned, only excruciatingly embarrassed and blushing through her co-workers eyeing the entire exchange, complete with funny faces behind Alex's back. Because they couldn't get enough of Alex's talking and Jessie's reddened-silence, they drove all the way from Denton to go on their first date to the Fort Worth Zoo; made perfect only by the green plaid shorts worn by Alex. 

It was on their second date that Jessie particularly mentioned knowing something was there. When at dinner, Alex said something to the waiter that easily could have been interpreted as inappropriate, they both died laughing and spent several minutes trying to regain their composure. Jessie knew that "finding another 'grown up' that has the sense of humor of a 12-year-old-boy was pretty special." She immediately went home and "jokingly" mentioned to her friend that she had found the man she was going to marry. 

A short while into their relationship, Jessie accepted a new position in Fort Worth and moved to be closer to work. The hour long commute to see one another combined with both their genuine wants for a dog forced conversations about the future. The next several months included Alex moving to Fort Worth, the adoption of Buddy the dog, and eventually moving in together. For all of which, Buddy is kindly blamed. 

Two and a half years after their first date, Alex took Jessie on a romantic picnic at the Botanic Gardens of Fort Worth. It was here that he proposed to Jessie, promising all of the talking and many awkward exchanges to come. She, of course, said yes. 

In just a few short days, we will be celebrating the marriage of these two wonderful, kind, and hilariously witty people. Their journey from Denton to Fort Worth, from awkward acquaintances to husband and wife, and their annual anniversary zoo visits will forever be due to the persistence of Beth the Therapist and Buddy the dog. Both beings who know how to get things done. ;) 

I can't wait to celebrate with you two in just a few short days!! Cheers to you both! Now, enjoy their insanely gorgeous engagement session from last fall in the "wilds" of Fort Worth! 

Cheers to Beth the Therapist and Buddy the dog, both who know how to make things happen.