Jul 1, 2017

Karen + Chris

Centennial, WY

It was two years ago at the Jubilee Days when they met. Karen had just accepted a teaching and coaching position in the same city as Chris, so naturally, their mutual friends thought their meeting was inevitable. Chris jokes that the actual meeting was slightly unceremonious, a quick hi and a nice to meet you, but it was enough for him to know that he couldn't let Karen leave the little Wyoming city without getting her number. 

It was obvious to each of them that there was something there from the get go. For Chris, it was when Karen beat him in a shooting competition. While Karen had always known her dream man would be a teacher and coach, so she never had a chance. 

It was in summer of 2016 when the two knew just how important this relationship was. Since they began dating a year before, this was the first summer that both their teaching careers had left them with so much free time. They spent nearly every waking moment with each other, so they knew this would be a test. When they still couldn't stand to be apart, they knew this was it. 

It was this past Christmas that Chris and Karen were visiting Chris' family for a huge reunion. Everyone was taking turns with individual family portraits outside, and when it was their turn, Chris said he had a surprise. He took a knee and proposed to Karen in front of all his family, close and extended. Once she had more than happily accepted, Chris surprised Karen by turning her around to see that her parents had been there to witness the whole thing. 

Chris & Karen are celebrating their big day in beautiful Cody, Wyoming today; surrounded by their closest family and friends in the heart of one of the country's biggest fourth of July celebrations. A more perfect day could not have happened to two better people! Congratulations, almost-Wagner's!