Jul 4, 2017

Megin + Herb

LaGrange, WY

The epitome of high school sweethearts, Megin met the love of her life when she was fifteen years old and never looked back. 

Though they had gone to the same schools their entire life, it wasn't until Megin's eighth grade year that she truly noticed the handsome Sophomore everyone knew as Herb. His constant teasing only made her like him more. After awhile, it was obvious that she might actually, maybe, like him like him.

At a friendly get together with all their mutual friends at Springer lake, she knew there was something here. From then forward, Herb made it a point to see more and more of that adorable blond he was so fond of. Though he truly had his work cut out for him waiting for the first kiss.

One night, after Herb had made sure Megin got home safely, they couldn't bear to say goodnight. They couple sat on Megin's porch for hours, talking, prolonging that eventual goodbye. Finally, as the night grew older and the morning younger, Megin let this special man kiss her goodnight. 

From then on, the duo was practically inseperable. Megin knew at a young age just how lucky she was to have met the love of her life at age fifteen. 

After six years of being together, living together, enduring life together, and loving each other more than humanly possible, Herb bent a knee in front of Megin on a surprise trip to San Antonio. To Megin, the trip was an exciting adventure to visit Herb's Mother and grandparents and gifted by his Mother. Little did she know that Herb had planned the whole trip himself in a scheme to propose. 

After a day of exploring the river walk, Herb, Megin and their family enjoyed a fabulous meal and exited the restaurant to find a horse drawn princess carriage waiting to take them to the hotel. A grinning Herb helped his princess into the carriage. A few blocks down the street, the driver exclaimed that the horses tack was loose and that while they waited, the couple should check out the sunset on the boardwalk to ease the inconvenience. Being a Wyoming girl, Megin thought nothing of the excuse and welcomed the sunset distraction. 

When Herb had led Megin along the riverwalk awhile, they came to a tree jutted out into the river, creating a phenomenon called 'marriage island'. A newly engaged couple was having their photo taken here at the time, but quickly moved on to make room for the new couple. Megin, being the animal lover she is, tried to pet the ducks on the island. When she admitted defeat to the ducks, she turned around to see Herb down on one knee and a ring in his hands. In the midst of the other couples engagement session, the photographer turned and captured the entire magical moment on marriage island. 

Once she had caught her breath, Megin + Herb returned to the princess carriage to find that the sneaky driver had been apart of the plan the entire time. She stood waiting at the carriage with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates, and to give the newly-engaged a magical carriage ride. 

Herb + Megin have overcome countless trials and obstacles over the years, many of them changing their lives forever at very young ages. Megin is adamant when she says she wouldn't change anything for the world for her life with Herb. The almost newly-weds cannot wait to begin their lives together, try surrogacy and then most definitely adoption. Until then, they plan to love as many dogs as possible. A couple so blessed and loved that it's hard not to stop and feel that way just for knowing them. 

Two years later, Megin + Herb celebrate their wedding today, July 4! Yes, a Tuesday. But you know what's so great about it? Aside from the fact that they'll now share an anniversary with Herb's grandparents, a couple who the two feel so incredibly close and mentored; They're doing everything exactly as they always have: their way, for them, and in just as much love as those Wyoming summer nights.

Congratulations, Megin + Herb! It truly is an honor to witness the love you two have for each other, and an even greater honor to capture it! 

Happy Wedding Day!!

Check out Megin + Herb's engagement session in the Lone Tree Canyon of SouthEastern Wyoming below! Our session was the only 80 degree February day Wyoming will ever see. Which is apparently just how hot these two are. 

Cheers to the boldly loved,