Mar 28, 2017

Blakeley & Nick

Dallas, Texas

They had seen each other many times before; exchanged words before, attended the same mass at the same church on many Saturday's before. But somehow, this quick exchange of greeting on a late June Saturday in their common church parking lot felt differently than all the others. She wanted to stretch the brief moment out as long as she could. So in true twenty-first century fashion, she texted him.

Blakeley was only in her hometown of Torrington for a short part of the summer before returning to Lincoln for her last year of under-grad. As they communicated by text off and on over the summer of 2013, it wasn't until she returned home for Christmas that same year that Nick finally caught on to her continuously subtle hints. After what seemed like far too long for Blakeley, they made plans to see each other. 

Looking back, Blakeley and Nick describe their first date as a nothing less than ideal. The picture-perfect type that only before had existed to them on the movie screen. They were accompanied on their very first date by Blakeley's brother Britt, her soon to be sister-in-law, and none other than Blakeley's parents; circumstances that likely would have intimidated many new romances. But, not this one. Nick's friendship with Britt and his outgoing personality did nothing other than charm her close family and set a foundation on which they would soon fall in love. They danced the night away to the sway of the band that would play at her brother's wedding just six months later. 

In May of 2014, Blakeley moved to all the way to Dallas to pursue her graduate degree. Nick continued to teach in South-Eastern Wyoming, and continued to support her dreams every step of the way. They quickly learned the ropes of flying from Dallas to Denver and felt right at home together, no matter the city. They squeezed every ounce of time out of their weekends together as possible and made FaceTime dates a habit. Despite the rough distance between them, they easily fell in love. Blakeley knew she couldn't live without him, but Nick teased her that he didn't talk about the future. 

His lack of future talk and planning continued over the next two years, and as Blakeley neared the finish of her graduate program, she grew more in need of this future talk that Nick so charmingly witheld. After her graduation in December 2015, she accepted a resident position at a hospital in Dallas, extending their long distance for the time being. 

It was the fourth of July weekend months later; Nick and Blakeley found themselves celebrating the holiday with both families on a lake they had loved for a lifetime. As Blakeley was taking her turn surfing behind the boat her Dad was driving, she heard him cut the engine and quickly exclaim that he was avoiding a stick in the wake. His engine-cutting expertise placed them directly in front of the houseboat on which the entire family anxiously watched. The boat circled around to collect her, and there was Nick - kneeling. At first, Blakeley thought his down-on-one-knee stance was to hand her the rope. That was, until she realized the towel he had opened read WILL YOU MARRY ME? In bold, embroidered letters. A stunt that definitely required a little future planning.

Taking it back to the little Wyoming church where that first Saturday feeling came about, that moment she had wished to last a little longer is turning into forever this June. And luckily for Blakeley, Nick excitingly talks about the future, and all the plans that lay ahead for them together.


It was perfect that Blakeley, Nick and I could meet in Dallas for their engagement session, since so much of their relationship had taken place in this beautiful city. We made sure to hit two Dallas musts: the green stretches of nature surrounding the infamous White Rock Lake, and the skyline of downtown Dallas. We found the perfect view of Dallas in the setting sun near the trinity river, taking advantage of the hundred-year-old trees, bridges, and that lovely golden light.

I can't wait to write a big, mushy congratulations to these two at the end of their wedding blog. So for now, I'll just thank them for being as wonderful as humanly possible, and far more perfect for each other than anyone could have imagined. I cannot wait for this day in June! Continued thanks to them for adventuring into the spider-ridden wilderness with me on that hot Dallas day, for laughing with me when my black yoga pants looked like they were manufactured camo from sticky leaves, and having possibly the most fun ever at an engagement session. You two deserve all the happiness and so much more! So much love to you both - just three more months!

And a big thanks to Blakeley for all her help with this blog! 

Cheers to all the surprises the future brings, and the love that gets you there,