Feb 21, 2017

Amber & Austin

Laramie, Wyoming

It was a late summer evening when Austin spotted the gorgeous brunette across the room. They were each out with their friends in one of the hot spots of Laramie, a casual summer evening that would turn into something much more. It was thanks to these friends, one who knew the other, that Austin would learn her name and everything that came with her. It was one of those moments that changes life forever, ready or not. 

In their time together, the two would conquer more than most, and through every trial and tribulation they came out more deeply in love with one another than they could have ever dreamed. In early 2015, Austin and Amber fell even harder when their daughter Hadley would come along. Another life changing moment wrapped in pink, with more love than she could ask for.

In the summer of 2017, Austin and Amber traveled to Mexico for a vacation with Amber's family and friends. One evening during dinner, they spotted sea turtles coming out of the water and approaching the shore to lay eggs. The table rushed to the beach to witness the miracle at sunset. Realizing the perfection of the moment with the sunset, the beach, and their family, Austin dropped to a knee and asked Amber to be his forever. Of course, she instantly said yes, as Austin presented her with a seashell ring; saying she could choose the perfect ring when they arrived back in the states. It was then the pair turned to celebrate with the crowd on the beach to realize that in all the excitement of the turtles, the proposal had been a moment only they shared! When they told their bunch later that evening, Austin and Amber were celebrated with laughs at the hilarity of missing such a profound moment only twenty feet away. The laughter quickly turned to tight squeezes, tears and the perfect celebration.

Austin, Amber and I met at Washington Park in Laramie, Wyoming to begin their photos with their sweet daughter Hadley (who quickly had enough of me!), and later moved onto the beauty of the Laramie Greenbelt; the reserved land bordering the Laramie River. The hot summer days had quickly given way to the cool air of late fall, just in time to paint the leaves with burnt orange and gold - the most ideal setting for a Wyoming fall engagement session. Not only were the leaves and tall golden grasses perfect, but the early fall light gracefully fell in all the right places to make it a picture perfect session.

Cheers to you, Amber & Austin! There are no two people who deserve more happiness than you have, and everything you have coming your way. I am so honored to be able to document your engagement, your love, and your beautiful lives together! I cannot wait to celebrate with you two next June!

Cheers to every twist of fate that brought you two together,