Apr 4, 2017

Samantha & Brian

Mineola, Iowa

The day had been planned for years. The details down to every last stitch of lace and every pearl garnish were thought out completely. Samantha, her Mother, and dearest friends laughed and reminisced at her childhood home while counting down the hours until she would meet Brian at the alter. 

The weather report jokingly suggested that the rain would begin around 2 pm and would continue until nearly 9 that evening. But it doesn't rain for seven hours straight anywhere, right? Hoping for the best, we continued through the day with the hopes to grab a few photos here and there. That surely, the rain would break for at least an hour or two for the ceremony. 

But as Brian, his best men, and his son Henry finished dressing at his family's farm in Iowa, the dark and ominous storm rolled in and threatened to stay; an uninvited wedding guest.

It was just as we feared: the late summer thunderstorm had settled in for a long stay, drenching the lace and burlap and pouring for the entire day. At the sight of the sodden wedding decor and guests, the same words parted from many; what a shame. 

After tears rolled like the rain outside, the decision was quickly made that the ceremony would continue and the reception moved indoors - away from the idyllic red barn and hand made dance-floor, the carefully strung lights, and the delicately placed pearls; packing up whatever they could manage. 

It was under the storm clouds, umbrellas, and buckets of rain pouring down that the true meaning of a wedding was witnessed. It's so easy to be swept by the glitter and glamor that weddings are so often pressured to have and forget exactly what the day means. Every single guest in attendance gladly took a soaked seat, both with umbrellas and without, as they watched Samantha walked down the aisle to Brian. Watching the two wed under the big Iowa Cottonwood, you would never have known they were soaked or that their plans hadn't turned out exactly like they wished. Brian and Samantha said I Do as if the rain were sunshine, and celebrated their love exactly how it deserved. 

The incredible amount of love and community was enough to brighten any rainy wedding day for Samantha and Brian. As someone who had just met everyone that very same day, it truly was remarkable to see not one guest bat an eye at the thought of witnessing these two lovely souls say their vows in the rain. Nor did anyone miss the chance to box up as many decorations as quickly as they could, grab chairs and tables, and set it all up again 5 miles down the county road. I, too found myself cursing the rain and the drenched reception, but soon found myself in complete awe at what I was witnessing. True love and sense of family, and not letting a damn thing get in the way of it. To so many who loved each other finding the silver lining amongst the darkest clouds.

I was truly blessed to be apart of this wedding and to meet Samantha, Brian and their amazing family and friends. Their wedding was refreshing in every way the rain meant for it to be. Congratulations, Samantha, Brian + Henry Benedict! I am so very blessed to have been there on that rainy day and to share this blog with you. 

Cheers to the silver lining on even the darkest clouds,