Dec 16, 2016

Sydney & Gary

Camp Paradise, Wheatland, Wyoming

Taking us back to the warmer days of August, when the passing storms only deepened the colors and emotions of the day when Sydney and Gary would wed. 

You will find Camp Paradise about an hour Northeast of Wheatland, Wyoming. The charred and blackened trees still standing amongst the green and gold regrowth after a fire several years ago, nestled in the heart of this Wyoming canyon made a uniquely beautiful setting for a wedding. 

Beneath an aspen arbor covered in floral and greenery at the foot of the Wyoming hills, Sydney and Gary laughed, cried, and successfully made every witness do the same as they vowed their love and commitment to the other. 

By far one of the more emotional weddings I've ever photographed (or attended, mind you), their day was filled with sweet memento's to Sydney's brother and Gary's best friend, Ty. From the embroidery on her handkerchief and the tattoo on her shoulder, to the Superman emblem on his boutonniere and the ink on his hand, it was no question he was well remembered. 

Far more than a day of remembrance, it was a day of celebration of the love. Of two families joining together, of friends celebrating their own finding their love, and of two people coming together before God and never letting go. 

Thank you, Sydney and Gary, for having me be apart in such an incredibly beautiful day in so many, many ways. 


You can check out Sydney & Gary's engagement story and photo's here.

Floral: Bre Schindler - PJ's Flowers & Events

Ceremony Venue: Camp Paradise - Wheatland, WY

Cake: Lisa Montoya

Stationary: Emily House Designs

Cheers to a beautiful day, a beautiful pair, and a beautiful life together,