Aug 23, 2016

The Workshop

Casper, WY

Last spring,  I was beyond blessed to have been asked by a group of women photographers in Casper, WY to host and teach a photography workshop. In truth, I'd been hoping for the chance to put something like this together "in the near future" (who knows when that might have happened), so I immediately jumped at the chance. 

While I wasn't entirely sure what I would talk about, or even if I could come up with enough material to speak for a full 8 hours, I knew this was an opportunity to understand the educational needs of surrounding photographers. Not to mention meeting some really incredible women in the exact same business. 

Powerpoint, iMac-that-I-treat-like-a-laptop, and camera in hand, I woke early to grab the bouquet so generously donated by Poppy's (Rachel is amazing), and head north for Casper. Upon arrival, I was immediately greeted with a warm welcome by Jessica Coleman and Mikala Castaner, to whom I quickly asked forgiveness for my dark circles and shaggy hair. 

"It's wedding season," I laughed. They completely understood. 

The warm welcome extended from each woman in attendance. With great conversation and even better people, we managed to make the 8 hour day into an 8.5 hour one. With this workshop, we covered:

Client workflow

Editing Workflow

Client management

Equipment & appropriate choices

Website management & blogging

Finding your photographic voice and putting it to use

Styled shoot with models

Shooting techniques & the use of different lighting

And as cheesy as it sounds...SO much more! 

These ladies were an incredible group to slowly introduce me to the photography education world. They were incredibly active with questions & feedback. In photography as well as any creative industry, empowering each other with support and knowledge is key. As I mentioned that I would love to put together more of these in the future, they were kind enough to provide me with feedback and reviews, along with examples of their beautiful work! 

Many, many thanks to the ladies of the Casper Workshop for their loveliness and attendance! Also a huge thanks to our models, Chloe & Devon, as well as Ashleigh of Ashleigh Brown Photography (incredibly talented in her own right. Check her out for sure!)

And a huge shout out to Rachel of Poppy's in Laramie for the stunning bouquet! 

If you're interested in learning about future workshop dates and locations, please email to get on an information list! 

Photo cred: Jessica Coleman

Photo cred: Jessica Coleman

Photo cred: Jessica Coleman

Photo cred: Jessica Coleman

Photo cred: Jessica Coleman

Without the help of Mikala Castaner of MC Photography in Casper, the workshop would not have come together! A huge shout out to this lady for all her hard work and leadership. 

"Cassie not only taught us what she knows about the business, but also inspired us to be even more in love with photography! She was an incredible speaker and so sweet to everyone!"

Check out her work here and with the next two photos! 

Jessica Coleman of Poetic Images Photography blogged her beautiful photos and experience of the workshop. You can check it out here. And a huge thank you to her for all the beautiful behind the scenes photos! 

A little blurb from Jess' blog: 

"Cassie was so helpful, knowledgable and fun! Her talent blew me away and her passion for her work and her clients is inspiring. I learned so much from her and I am anxious to take away what I learned and put it into place with my business!"

Lindsey Renstrom of Sweetpeas Photography in Douglas worked her magic on the models, too. 

"I would recommend anyone who is passionate about weddingsa and couples to attend Cassie's workshop. She is an amazing photographer and her insight and business methods are amazing. I learned so much, and am so excited to place some new things into my work flow and business. She is an inspiration to the photography world and as most know, this career can be quite challenging at times and some in our business have a hard time helping the fellow photog. I truly think more of us need to stand together instead of tear each other down. So thank you, Cassie, for being one of those who are willing to help and teach!"

Jazzmin Hurless of Key to My Heart Photography caught these awesome images.

"This workshop was the best opportunity to expand on my photography I've ever received. I gained more through this workshop than I ever would have sitting in a college classroom. It was more than just learning skills or deeper knowledge, it was real life, a hands on experience. I went in with a belief that I have to have the same style as other photographers in my area, but better, in order to succeed. I left with the refreshing new belief that we all bring our own unique style and personality to the world of photography. And that is a beautiful thing."

Abby Fowles of A Jayne Photography in Casper snapped these unique point's of view.

"I would recommend other photographers to attend Cassie's workshop because she was super personable, patient, knowlegable & fascinating to watch shoot. She answered any and ALL questions and I appreciated her kindness! :) Also - because the work she produces is phenomenal, who wouldn't want to take tips from Cassie Madden??

Erin Potter of Erin Potter Photography AND Potter Sorensen Wedding Photography (you go girl) sent over these great images from our styled shoot! She also said, "Cassie has a fun, easy going attitude that is enjoyable to learn from! She answers every question asked of her!"

Cheers to sharing passion, making friends, making art, and good ol' Wyoming girls,