Sep 16, 2016

Becky & Wade

Fort Collins, Colorado

Though you wouldn't know it now, there were no spark's flying when Wade and Becky first met a long six years ago. Becky, who was visiting Sidney, NE for a job interview, was actually less than impressed with her interviewer. No matter, since the job she was awarded that day took her far away in Kansas City. 

It was an entire year later that Becky replaced Wade at his position in Sidney that the two acknowledged each other again. Originally, the communication was innocently about work but quickly transformed. Wade, now nearly 200 miles away, took every chance he could to call the beautiful blonde and by December, they claimed each other. 

Several years and moves later, Wade and Becky find themselves living with a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains just to the West. Though it pains the former University of Wyoming Cowboy, they love their lovely homestead in Fort Collins. 

After five years of dating, Wade and Becky will find themselves at the Wyoming hereford Ranch in September to wed amongst the beautiful red barns and green grasses, and of course, their closest friends and family. 

Congratulations, Becky and Wade!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow! 

Cheers to the Betschart's,