May 10, 2016

Katie & Garrett

Shell Canyon, Shell, Wyoming

Their meeting wasn't by chance. In fact, they are one of the few great success stories of the swipe right generation in which we find ourselves. Garrett's hours-long drive from Northern Wyoming to Montana to meet this girl with whom he had spoken with for weeks was every bit as intentional as their first-date restaurant. 

Katie, a Florida-native, moved to Montana for work and a much needed change of pace. Though she was brought up in a very diferent setting, the western life suited her well. Garrett's Wyoming-born-and-raised lifestyle suited her even better. 

It wasn't long after the two had met that they realized their luck of meeting, and Katie soon moved to Wyoming to be closer. After nearly two years of their being together, Garrett told Katie they would attend a movie in Billings, the same Montana town in which they had met. But first, dinner at the very same restaurant where it all started years ago. Here, Garrett asked Katie if they could "stick together forever". A question to which she couldn't say yes fast enough. 

For their engagement session, we met in the beautiful scenery of Shell Canyon, just outside of the tiny village of Shell, Wyoming and the beginning of the Bighorn National Forest. The early spring greenery and amazing red rock formations added to the incredible view. The rocks often roll over into frequent hundred food drops where the Bighorn river has cut its path. 

For their first engagement session outfits, Katie chose an adorable 3/4 sleeved belted jumper in navy blue with a pair of luggage-brown sandals to compliment Garrett's cream button-up shirt and jeans. As we moved higher in the canyon, Katie's choice of a light knitted white spring sweater with dark blue jeans and tall cowgirl boots along with Garrett's baby blue button-up and blue jeans expertly coordinated with the varying colors of the canyon. 

These two will be married in the awe-inspiring mountains of Red Lodge, Montana next July! 

Cheers to love, mountains, and Wyoming,