Apr 28, 2016

The Art of Procrastination

Torrington, Wyoming

This is a blog about nothing. 

Or something, maybe. 

I'm swamped right now; up to my neck and shoulders with editing and shoots and travel because it's that time of year. Please, by no means take this as a complaint. I'm more overwhelmed with how exciting the busyness has been than I am the work, but that's not the point here. 

Last year around this same time, Lila was jumping around this same field at my Mother's house. I laughed as she and her brother chased each other through the open field of wild alfalfa, not a luxury known to apartment dogs. By now, Jax had run away and Lila calmed, so I snapped a quick shot with my iPhone to remember my pretty girl amongst the purple flowers. I knew I would love the photo much more with my DSLR, so I promised to come back later in the week for a better one. 

I drove by that field for several days while the purple flowers remained in bloom thinking the same thing: that I would come back later. An entire year later, Jax, Lila and I returned to the same field with the same purple blooms to take a photo I had intended many days earlier. The rain and snow of the prior day chilled the air and the wet grass, so two happy pit bulls were not in the cards for this shoot. 

As the sun set and I saw the misty golden light peering out from the remaining storm clouds, I knew that my busyness could pause for 10 minutes to capture these furbabies I love so much. I'm a master of the art of procrastination when it comes to certain things, but I intend this to be a master I dismiss. I'm lucky that the field was still as open as a year earlier and that the sun came out for a few minutes at the end of a stormy day. I'm beyond blessed that both Jax and Lila are in great health and were able to run in the evening light again. 

So whatever you keep putting off to coddle your busy schedule, make time for the little things. They're important, too.