It took me a very, very long time to write this. Which is silly, right? It's about me. But as I sat trying to wholly encompass myself in a few paragraphs, I realized I am more than a few paragraphs. You'll get to know me best by my photographs - they tell it all.

When it comes to passion and love, I don't think we consciously make a choice. They reveal themselves in people/objects/professions/anything; and often unexpectedly. Photography for me was a surprise, and it chose me long before I was even aware.

I consider myself a recovering perfectionist. So much so that I've grown to deeply love real moments far more than anything once considered 'perfectly' staged. Life is poetry of its own to be documented - stopping to wait for no one. Click.

Second only to my camera, my heart belongs to pen and paper - literally - I always have my seven-year-pen and journal in my bag. I am easily enamored with the details of a single story, every one of which deserves to be told. My longest running dream is to be a novelist, yet my shortest attribute is my attention span. As such, I am eternally grateful to the humans who allow let me tell their story in 1/500th of a second. And in color.

I'm well known as a traveling addict and for consuming more coffee than water. You'll be hard pressed to find me without a cup, my planner, and an adventure in the near future. I'm a hopeless romantic hiding in black because it's my favorite thing to wear. I'm a sucker for lyrical one-liners, my dogs, and lists that come in threes.

The common denominator? I'm a story-addict. So, tell me yours. What you love to do on Sunday's together. What song he blares on the car radio just so he can sing you the chorus. Tell me all about the twist of fate that brought you and yours together. The details matter, my soon-to-be-friend, and I want to hear all about them so I can capture your love story in the most perfectly real way. We'll have some coffee, talk a lot, and dream about the past, present, and future. It's magic, I promise. And the best kind at that.

Have a minute? Grab your favorite coffee and check out the blog for adventures with my amazing clients, lines straight from my journal, and more from my caffeinated-wanderlusty-life. Enjoy.